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Managing Coverage Sessions

A coverage session is the code coverage information of particular program run. It contains the list of considered Java classes along with the recorded coverage details.

Session Lifecycle

A coverage session is automatically created at the end of each coverage launch or whenever an intermediate execution data has been trigger by the user. Alternatively, sessions can be imported from external launches. The coverage view allows removing sessions.

All coverage sessions are deleted when the workbench is closed.

The Active Session

Even if there can be multiple coverage sessions, only one session can be the active coverage session. The active session can be selected from a drop-down list in the coverage view and defines the input of this view as well as the Java source highlighting.

Merging Sessions

If the overall test set consists of multiple test launches, they will result in multiple different coverage session. For analysis it may make sense to combine these sessions to a single session. If there is more than one session the coverage view provides the Merge Sessions command. This command allows selecting a subset from the existing sessions and combining it to a single coverage session.