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There are several support facilities for the EclEmma code coverage plug-in. For fast and efficient trouble shooting please check them in the following sequence:

User Documentation

The EclEmma plug-ins ship with online help, see chapter EclEmma Java Code Coverage in the Eclipse help system after you installed EclEmma. The latest user documentation is also available online.

Frequently Asked Questions

A frequently asked questions catalogue has been compiled from the help forum.

Getting Help

If the provided documentation and FAQ does not answer your specific question the JaCoCo and EclEmma Users group is the place to ask.

Bug Report or Feature Request

Always make sure you have installed the latest version. If you encountered a bug in the latest EclEmma version please report it to the Eclipse issue tracker.

The quality of EclEmma strongly depends on your feedback! Please get in contact if you encounter a problem with EclEmma that has not been reported before or you miss functionality that is not yet on the feature request list. Thanks.