Package org.jacoco.core.analysis

Coverage calculation and analysis.


Interface Summary
IBundleCoverage Coverage data of a bundle.
IClassCoverage Coverage data of a single class containing methods.
ICounter A counter holds the missed and the covered number of particular items like classes, methods, branches or instructions.
ICoverageNode Interface for hierarchical coverage data nodes with different coverage counters.
ICoverageVisitor Interface for coverage data output as a stream of IClassCoverage instances.
ILine The instruction and branch coverage of a single source line is described by this interface.
IMethodCoverage Coverage data of a single method.
IPackageCoverage Coverage data of a Java package containing classes and source files.
ISourceFileCoverage Coverage data of a single source file.
ISourceNode Interface for coverage nodes that have individual source lines like methods, classes and source files.

Class Summary
Analyzer An Analyzer instance processes a set of Java class files and calculates coverage data for them.
CounterComparator Collection of comparators to compare ICounter objects by different criteria.
CoverageBuilder Builder for hierarchical ICoverageNode structures from single IClassCoverage nodes.
CoverageNodeImpl Base implementation for coverage data nodes.
NodeComparator Comparator to compare ICoverageNode objects by different counter criteria.

Enum Summary
ICounter.CounterValue Different values provided by a counter.
ICoverageNode.CounterEntity Different counter types supported by JaCoCo.
ICoverageNode.ElementType Type of a Java element represented by a ICoverageNode instance.

Package org.jacoco.core.analysis Description

Coverage calculation and analysis. The coverage information is calculated with an Analyzer instance from class files (target) and execution data (actual).

The CoverageBuilder creates a hierarchy of ICoverageNode instances with the following types:

 +-- Group (optional)
     +-- Bundle
         +-- Package
             +-- Source File
                 +-- Class
                     +-- Method

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