Interface ISourceFileCoverage

All Superinterfaces:
ICoverageNode, ISourceNode

public interface ISourceFileCoverage
extends ISourceNode

Coverage data of a single source file. The name of this node is the local name of the source file.

Nested Class Summary
Nested classes/interfaces inherited from interface org.jacoco.core.analysis.ICoverageNode
ICoverageNode.CounterEntity, ICoverageNode.ElementType
Field Summary
Fields inherited from interface org.jacoco.core.analysis.ISourceNode
Method Summary
 String getPackageName()
          Returns the VM name of the package the source file belongs to.
Methods inherited from interface org.jacoco.core.analysis.ISourceNode
getFirstLine, getLastLine, getLine
Methods inherited from interface org.jacoco.core.analysis.ICoverageNode
containsCode, getBranchCounter, getClassCounter, getComplexityCounter, getCounter, getElementType, getInstructionCounter, getLineCounter, getMethodCounter, getName, getPlainCopy

Method Detail


String getPackageName()
Returns the VM name of the package the source file belongs to.

package name

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