Package org.jacoco.core.runtime

Runtime control and execution data collection.


Interface Summary
IExecutionDataAccessorGenerator The instrumented classes need a piece of code that obtains a boolean[] instance from the runtime.
IRemoteCommandVisitor Interface for remote commands to a coverage runtime.
IRuntime This interface represents a particular mechanism to collect execution information in the target VM at runtime.

Class Summary
AbstractRuntime Base IRuntime implementation.
AgentOptions Utility to create and parse options for the runtime agent.
InjectedClassRuntime IRuntime which defines a new class using java.lang.invoke.MethodHandles.Lookup.defineClass introduced in Java 9.
LoggerRuntime This IRuntime implementation uses the Java logging API to report coverage data.
ModifiedSystemClassRuntime This IRuntime implementation works with a modified system class.
OfflineInstrumentationAccessGenerator This implementation of IExecutionDataAccessorGenerator generate a direct dependency to the JaCoCo runtime agent to initialize the runtime and obtain probe arrays.
RemoteControlReader ExecutionDataReader with commands added for runtime remote control.
RemoteControlWriter ExecutionDataWriter with commands added for runtime remote control.
RuntimeData Container for runtime execution and meta data.
SystemPropertiesRuntime This IRuntime implementation makes the execution data available through a special entry in the System.getProperties() hash table.
WildcardMatcher Matches strings against glob like wildcard expressions where ? matches any single character and * matches any number of any character.

Enum Summary
AgentOptions.OutputMode Possible values for AgentOptions.OUTPUT.

Package org.jacoco.core.runtime Description

Runtime control and execution data collection.

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