Maven Repository

If you want to integrate JaCoCo within your tools you might directly retrieve it from the Maven repository. There are two repositories, one for JaCoCo releases, one for regular snapshot builds.

Type Repository
Release (Central Repository)


Following JAR files are available:

Group ID Artifact ID Classifier Description
org.jacoco jacoco-maven-plugin Plug-in for Maven
org.jacoco org.jacoco.agent API to get a local copy of the agent
org.jacoco org.jacoco.agent runtime Agent
org.jacoco org.jacoco.ant Ant Tasks
org.jacoco org.jacoco.ant nodeps Ant Tasks (all dependencies included)
org.jacoco org.jacoco.cli Command Line Interface
org.jacoco org.jacoco.cli nodeps Command Line Interface (all dependencies included)
org.jacoco org.jacoco.core Core APIs and implementations
org.jacoco Reporting implementation

Please check here for the latest release versions in the repository.