Integration Matrix

Currently JaCoCo is integrated with the following products and technologies.

Integrations provided by the JaCoCo/EclEmma project

Technology Documentation Remarks
Java API JaCoCo JavaDoc
Java Agent JaCoCo Manual
Command Line Tools JaCoCo Manual Since version 0.8.0
Apache Ant JaCoCo Manual
Apache Maven JaCoCo Manual Since version 0.5.3
Eclipse EclEmma Project Since version 2.0

Third-Party Integrations

Product Remarks
Arquillian Java EE testing framework, JaCoCo extension
Azure DevOps Cloud-powered collaboration tools by Microsoft, see documentation
bld Pure Java build System with JaCoCo extension, see documentation
Codacy Platform to track code coverage and code quality, see documentation
Codecov Web service to track code coverage, see example
Coveralls Web service to track code coverage, see coveralls-maven-plugin
STAMP EU research project with test generation tool for JUnit, see DSpot project page
Gradle Build System with JaCoCo plug-in, see documentation
IntelliJ IDEA Since version 11.1, see documentation
Jenkins GSoC project of Shenyu Zheng, see project page
Jenkins GSoC project of Ognjen Bubalo, see documentation
Jubula Functional GUI testing tool
NetBeans Since version 7.2, see documentation, plug-in for Ant based projects
sbt Scala Build Tool, see JaCoCo plug-in
Shippable Continuous integration and delivery platform, see documentation
Skippy Test Impact Analysis & Predictive Test Selection framework for the JVM, see documentation
SonarQube Continuous inspection platform with JaCoCo support, see documentation
TeamCity Continuous integration server with JaCoCo support since version 8.1, see documentation
Urban Code Continuous delivery platform by IBM with JaCoCo plug-in

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